Indy Hall

Co-working is quite the buzz right now and especially in Philadelphia with the growing popularity of Indy Hall and Hive76. The appeal has extended beyond the original users of independent workers and also now includes larger businesses who enjoy the flexibility of the co-working spaces, low overhead costs and the creative energy that comes from the community that occupies these spaces.

What I find interesting is that now some of the co-working spaces have started to form larger networks and offer membership to spaces that are in different geographic locations. This concept was introduced to me through the GOOD article: "Freelancers, Along No More: Coworking Is Going Big Business," by Dan Haugen. In the article, Dan mentions the "League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LEXC)" which is one of those networks that has formed from multiple co-working locations across the country. Just by joining one of the locations you are eligible to work at any of the sites.

This connects to the idea of "glocal," acting locally but thinking globally...could this "league" of co-working spaces be an example of how this concept could take form? With the co-working spaces situated in local communities (designed and tailored to local needs) but part of a global network of similar-caliber spaces that all provide access to the members regardless of the members' "home" location.