Alex came across this Kickstarter project, Urbania, the other day, and I have not been able to get the idea out of my head. It is "a social game designed to allow users through gamification mechanics to play and actually discover the effects that future technologies, ecological concepts and sustainable energy have upon their virtual city." It places the user in the position of  Mayor of a small town and allows them to test out various technologies to create the most sustainable balance between humanity and nature.

This concept of gaming intrigues me because of the opportunity for the user to prototype and test innovative technologies and experience the hard-to-grasp effects. In addition, the playful environment and social aspect could help to spread awareness and allow for better understanding of how the relevant issues are impacting the world today.

Could this method of prototyping and testing help to demonstrate the value of these new technologies, generate greater adoption and lead us towards a more green and sustainable future?