We spent this past week at Temple University for the 2012 Fox Design Week. This included the week-long Design Challenge and the one day InciteXchange Conference. It was a busy, but very exciting couple days with endless amounts of inspiration!

The challenge brought together students from Temple University, University of the Arts and local high schools to look at opportunities in the North Broad Street area surrounding Temple's main campus. We began the week doing individual research, talking to local business owners and employees, interviewing community members at public housing sites, and observing certain landmarks of the geographic area.


After collecting our research, we met on Thursday at Temple and formed multidisciplinary teams consisting of MBA's, International MBA's and MiD's (me!) to work on designing a solution that would address the opportunities we identified as a group, based on our collective research.


Through the process of storytelling, each from our individual experiences "out in the field," we were able to record the many facets that each group member had experienced. After all of the information was shared, we began sorting the snippets into categories and common themes.


After identifying common themes, we worked through the process of design inquiry, answering these five questions: What inspired you–good or bad– about the things you observed? Who are the affected stakeholders? What are their unmet needs and why are they important? What solutions do you propose? What resources do they need to sustain this solution?

and here are our group's answers:


So, to sum it up, we proposed a sustainable infrastructure for urban farming–utilizing abandoned lots, providing entrepreneurship opportunities to community members and producing fresh, healthy food to areas that lack access to even a grocery store.

We ended up winning the competition! Go team!

This is still very much a seed (no pun intended!) of an idea and I am not sure what is next, but I will keep everyone up to date as things take form.

Any thoughts or questions?  Leave a comment!

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