high five

As I was reading the Fast Company article: "If Your Company's Culture Needs a Shot in the Arm, Do the Huddle," I began thinking about how nice it was to experience my own 'shot in the arm' last week during the Temple Design Challenge, Ignite Philly and at the Incitexchange Conference. By getting out of the studio, walking through neighborhoods I had never been to, working with students with different disciplines from different schools, and listening to 30+ speakers talk about a variety of topics, I experienced a healthy dose of inspiration that has completely replenished my levels of motivation! With this experience behind me, I am wondering how I can continue to get this 'shot in the arm' more frequently to allow time for introspection and inspiration. In the article, Eric Ryan talks about having weekly, all-company meetings where the intention is "aligning our business principles with our objectives and keeping the company on track." However, the meetings are not traditional in the sense of being held in a conference room and going over sales status, they are meant to discuss birthdays, praise sales wins, and discuss financial challenges–all in a fun environment with a unique leader and theme every week.

This got me thinking...what if I created a 'huddle' every Monday morning as a way to rejuvenate and re-align myself with the principles and objectives for my work and life? By allowing time for myself to be aware and reflect on my thoughts and actions, it may help to reduce stress and provide opportunity to learn and adjust towards a healthier balance. I could include listening to inspirational speakers, participating in an activity that takes me out of my comfort zone, experiencing a new culture, connecting with family and friends, or finding opportunities to expose the work I am doing. This blog has already initiated some of this introspection and I hope that by adding a weekly huddle to my routine I can continue to enrich my journey!