This past weekend we went to visit our good friends out in Los Angeles, CA. We had an amazing trip, but for the days we were there I could not take my mind off of the poor transportation system they have in place. Everything I had ever heard about traffic in LA turned out to be 100% true–endless grid-locked lanes on the highway and side streets, $4.56 per gallon of gas, and hours of time spent driving just to travel a couple miles. I was new to this sight, but even throughout the weekend, the topic of LA transportation came up frequently among long-time residents. It seems that this problem has been around for decades, with little change evident. So, I was happy to read about the LA2B project created by the Los Angeles Departments of City Planning and Transportation to envision a new way of moving around the city, "using its streets for mobility and beyond." The site uses the Mind Mixer platform to create a virtual 24/7 towne hall where residents can share ideas about how to modify mobility in the city. The City of LA's partnership with GOOD/Corps has recently resulted in some interesting infographics (below). It will be exciting to see what the residents of Los Angeles propose for lasting, sustainable solutions that address their very evident transportation problems.