Inspired by the participatory design research work of Liz Sanders and MakeTools, we organized a brainstorming and prototyping session to create tools to use in our own participatory research and rapid prototyping sessions. Mekayla developed a process for us to follow, and Lindsay provided the space! Our process for developing the methods/tools:

  • Brainstorm: what is this for?
  • Brainstorm: what does it need to do / enable
  • Brainstorm: what should it include
  • Chose
  • Buy / Make / Create

A few photos from our brainstorms:

MakeTools Brainstorm 1 MakeTools Brainstorm 2

The scenarios Mekayla and Lindsay developed to help guide our prototyping and testing:

Scenario Type Qualities
Describe your experience with online dating Descriptive
  • experience
  • time-based
  • journey
  • emotional component
  • 1-on-1
  • symbolic
  • what happens
Come up with a new way of determining which grant proposals move forward Generative
  • multiple “in-house” groups
  • range of thinkers (concrete to abstract)
  • desire to be something they interact with
  • mix of product/service/experience-based
  • desire to push to be creative
Imagine your ideal pre-natal experience Generative
  • participatory design
  • small group session (not necessarily in-house)
  • whole host of options (service, experience, space)
  • total re-think--”blue sky”

We did some rapid prototyping of the first scenario with simple paper materials and ourselves as the testers (unfortunately I didn't talk any photos), but we are still working to prototype and test other methods/tools we came up with. I will be posting the progress we make over the next couple months and what we learn along the way. We hope this will be an on-going and open conversation about what is working, and what needs to be iterated on--stay tuned!